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  • 2.1 The Experimenthttp://epsilon.my.noteshare.io/section/the-spoon-and-champagne-bottle-essay#_the_experiment
  • 2.2 To be contnued ..http://epsilon.my.noteshare.io/section/the-spoon-and-champagne-bottle-essay#_to_be_contnued
  • 2.3 Referenceshttp://epsilon.my.noteshare.io/section/the-spoon-and-champagne-bottle-essay#_references
  • 3.1 Jabberwockyhttp://epsilon.my.noteshare.io/section/poetry-jc#_jabberwocky
  • 3.2 Crystal Stairhttp://epsilon.my.noteshare.io/section/poetry-jc#_crystal_stair
  • 4.1 Pythagorean tripleshttp://epsilon.my.noteshare.io/section/mathematics-article#_pythagorean_triples
  • 4.2 Another result from ancient timeshttp://epsilon.my.noteshare.io/section/mathematics-article#_another_result_from_ancient_times
  • 4.3 Algorithmshttp://epsilon.my.noteshare.io/section/mathematics-article#_algorithms

Noteshare by Example


Noteshare Quick Reference features

  • A collection of sanoke documents which show by example how to write various kinds of text: an essay, a poem, a lesson plan, a mathematics article, a set of homework problems, etc.

  • Documentation on keyboard shortcuts, how to search, etc.

For the sample documents, try selecting Source from the View menu so as to compare the source text with rendered text. Most questions of the form "How do I …​" can be answered by such a comparison

Suggestion: try View > Source now.

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