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Asciidoc-LaTeX manual


1. Introduction

Asciidoc-LaTeX is an extension of the Asciidoc markup language which provides LaTeX-like features for for publishing mathematical content on the web. You can write

$ a^2 + b^2 = c^2 $


      e^{2\pi\sqrt{-1}} = 1,

just as you would with LaTeX. This source code is rendered as \( a^2 + b^2 = c^2 \) and \[ e^{2\pi\sqrt{-1}} = 1, \] Asciidoctor-LaTeX provides analogues of LaTeX environments, and so gives functionality beyond what MathJax by itself offers. Thus, you obtain the rendered text

Theorem 1.
The square root of 2 is irrational.

from the code

The square root of 2 is irrational.

The environment blocks for propositions, lemmas, and definitions work in exactly the same way, whereas [env.equation], and use [env.equationalign] behave as they would in LaTeX with one exception. If an equation or equationalign environment is not labeled for cross-referencing, then the equation number is not generated or displayed.

To process Asciidoc-LaTeX into HTML or into other formats, e.g., LaTeX, get a free account on Noteshare.io, or install

See the installation instructions on GitHub. or in section 3 of this document. Asciidoctor-latex is developed by James Carlson, Jakub Jirutka, and Dan Allen.

1.1. Project status

The open-source Asciidoctor-LaTeX project has three components:

HTML Backend

Render Asciidoc-LaTeX files into HTML

LaTeX backend

Convert Asciidoc-LaTeX files to LaTeX


Convert LaTeX files to Asciidoc-LaTeX

These three components are in varying states of development. The HTML backend has not been released, but is in quite good shape. It has been used to power Noteshare.io for over a year. The LaTeX backend is suitable for experimentation but is currently limited in its coverage of Asciidoctor language features, It is nonetheless sufficient to convert most of the documents on Noteshare.io. See this example. The third component is a completely experimental research project and is not yet integrated into the asciidoctor-latex code.

The bulk of this draft document is concerned with (1).

Created February 5, 2015, last updated: October 1, 2015